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What’s Your Boudoir Photography Style?

If you have ever considered a boudoir photography session, chances are you have also begun the process of thinking about what type of images you want. Identifying your boudoir photography style is a helpful place to begin.

Old school pinup.

If you’re a fan of vintage fashion and decor, then most likely you’ll be drawn to this type of look. Think old-school glamour, from figures like Bettie Page, or Marilyn Monroe, and you get the idea.

Modern chic.

You love creating a look that is elegant and refined. Your less-is-more attitude leads you to choose a couple of key pieces that make a statement. clothing with clean lines completes your sophisticated aesthetic.

Straight up glam.

You love to create a look that is bold and playful, dramatic and intense. You’re not afraid to add a bit of sparkle, or maybe much more than a bit! Playing with color brings you great joy, whether it’s with eyeshadows, clothing or accessories. Did someone say dial it up? Yes please!

boudoir photography style


Whether you’re drawn to the BoHo look, or secretly want to run off to dance full-time with the ballet, this type of look is both soft and elegant. Think flower crowns, flowey fabrics, and more muted colors.


Step aside, Lolita! It’s someone else’s turn to shine. This look is equal parts innocent and sultry, school-girl and sexy. Some fun ways to play up this look include knee socks, super-short plaid kilts, and pigtails or braids.

Natural goddess.

If you wear make up at all in your every day life, you’re all about the no make up make up look. This look is all about simplicity and being who you are without any extra fuss. This type of look works especially well with black and white images.


To you lingerie is another word for “extremely uncomfortable item of clothing that I can’t be bothered with.” You’re more likely to wear shorts than bikinis, and perfectly at home with playing up your masculine side.

Which boudoir photography style are you? Or are you a combination? Whatever your boudoir photography style maybe, we love collaborating and co-creating with you!

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