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7 Tips For Epic Wedding Exit Photos

You’ve seen them: of other couples’ epic grand wedding exit photos–those stellar shots where couples run down the middle of a throng of well-wishers holding sparklers–and you’ve fallen in love with the idea for your own wedding day. Sparklers, bubbles, or a shower of multicolored confetti make for a fun, dramatic exit… Who wouldn’t want these kinds of photos?! However, these wedding exit photos don’t just happen magically. With the right type of planning, you can absolutely get the wedding exit photos you dream of! Here are our top seven tips to help you do just that.

Epic wedding exit photo with sparklers

Decide which type of wedding exit you would like to have.

Maybe you’ve loved sparklers or bubbles since you were a kid. Love the idea of something more exotic? Why not try a butterfly release? Do you want a pop of color? Go for multi-colored confetti or flower petals. A few other ideas:

  • lavender
  • traditional rice
  • paper airplanes
  • flags (held and waved, not thrown!)
  • streamers on sticks
  • popcorn

Double check with your venue.

You’ll want to double check with your venue to make sure they’ll allow the type of grand exit you’d like; many have restrictions. Some may not allow fire, while others don’t want rice, seeds, or confetti (or anything they will have to clean up later).

Consider doing your wedding exit earlier in the evening.

These types of photos look best when you have a crowd of friends and loved ones cheering you on. For this reason, many couples choose to do their wedding exit at the end of the ceremony, when they process back down the aisle. Others choose to do a faux exit during the reception. Just keep in mind that if you wait until the end of the night, your photos may not be as good. Why? The later the exit happens, the fewer guests you’ll have…. it’s one of those unwritten wedding rules.

bride and groom during their bubble wedding exit | photo by Grier Cooper Photography, Richmond, Ca

Plan where the wedding exit will happen.

You will need to have this figured out long before your wedding day! Have a conversation with your wedding planner, or the venue if you aren’t working with a planner.

Let your photographer know where and when your wedding exit will occur.

Once you’ve got a solid plan, make sure you communicate with your photographer so they are in the loop as well. These types of exits require special lighting, so your photographer will need a heads up in order to get their lighting set up in place before your exit happens.

Purchase your props.

Whether you opt for confetti, lavender, balloons, or sparklers, make sure to purchase these items well ahead of time so you have them on hand for your big day. If you are planning a bubble exit, we recommend buying bubbles that use a larger wand which will produce more bubbles for a more dramatic effect. If you’re using sparklers, make sure you buy the long ones! The short ones fizzle out too quickly.

Tell your guests about your wedding exit.

There’s nothing sadder than a wedding exit that falls flat. We seen it happen: the bubbles or confetti never get used, or get used too late, after the couple has already run down the aisle. Since your guests aren’t mind readers, make sure to have your helpers clearly communicate when they are handing out bubbles or confetti that you are hoping for guest participation during the wedding exit.

As you can see, planning a dramatic wedding exit isn’t hard, especially if you follow our tips. With a little pre-planning you can have the epic wedding exit photos you want. A final piece of advice: make sure you stop halfway down the aisle for a kiss… for a photo you’ll treasure for a lifetime!




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