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Creative SF Bridal Portraits Veil Alternatives

When it comes to creative SF bridal portraits, some brides feel conflicted because they don’t want to wear a veil. My thought is: No veil? No problem! There are many other beautiful, sophisticated alternatives. Best of all, they won’t ruin your elaborate hairstyle. Here are a few chic ideas:

Creative SF Bridal Portraits

The birdcage veil.

With this veil you look less traditional and/or achieve a more vintage feeling to your bridal look. Birdcage veils are made from several different netting choices, from Russian or French net (French veiling, which is softer in texture than Russian),  fishnet, tulle, or illusion veiling materials.  Most feature a classic diamond-shaped netting with or without adornments such as chenille dots or crystal accents. Birdcage veils are designed to frame the face and are meant to be worn through the day. A gorgeous look for your creative SF bridal portrait.

Tiaras. Not just for ballerinas and royalty.

If you’ve ever gone to see the Nutcracker and envied the Sugar Plum fairy’s sparkling crown, then this might be a good choice for you. Tiaras are available in all shapes and sizes; some are headbands, others tie on, like the one pictured below. Tiaras make an elegant statement in any bridal portrait.

Creative SF Bridal Tiara

Fascinators. A spectacular statement for a creative SF bridal portrait.

Fascinators. Isn’t that a gorgeous word? So descriptive–and it rolls off the tongue so nicely. These add a textural, fanciful element to your bridal look. Some are affixed to a headband; others are more like tiny hats. No matter which you choose, fascinators=fun.


Jeweled decorations.

Perhaps you’re going for a more understated look, or you are anti veils and feathers altogether. Many brides opt for pearl or rhinestone hairpins, combs or clips. You can also consider magnetic hair gems; easy to snap into place anywhere you’d like.

Get creative with an exotic creation that defies words.

If you are a DIY bride, then grab feathers, lace, and tulle and get to work. With a little hot glue and experimentation ,you’re sure to come up with something special.

Today’s brides have more choices than ever before, so there’s no need to feel trapped into wearing a veil. You may feel astonished by how many gorgeous alternatives there are…and end up with anew problem: it’s hard to pick just one! Whichever you choose, find one that makes you shine.

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