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Gorgeous El Cerrito Bridal Portraits

The search for The Perfect Dress is something every bride looks forward to, but there’s still more to consider so you’ll be your most beautiful on your wedding day, whether you’re preparing for a simple backyard wedding or a chic big city wedding in San Francisco. You might think you’re done, but wait–there’s more–and you won’t want to overlook these additional key elements for gorgeous El Cerrito bridal portraits. The right jewelry, shoes, and accessories help you to truly personalize your wedding day look and make that dress your own, no matter where you get married.

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Maybe you’re into veils, maybe you’re not. Either way you have a lot of options to play with when it comes to hair accessories. Some brides opt for a tiara or crown, others might choose a hairpiece or pins with jewels or pearls. Think about the style of your gown and choose something that will set it off well without overpowering it.

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When choosing wedding day jewelry look for pieces that echo the details in your gown. If your gown has a lot of gold beading or details, gold jewelry is a natural choice, for example. A matching set with earrings, bracelet and necklace can add just the right amount of sparkle to let your most gorgeous you shine for your bridal portraits.

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With brings us to the shoes. Ahhh, the shoes. We mustn’t forget them. Some brides go for the glitz, while others opt for something simple. Still others go for a bold color statement, a fun way to incorporate “something blue” into your wedding day ensemble.

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When you’re on your own quest to find The Dress, remember it’s not just about the dress. Plan your look from head to toe and your wedding day bridal portraits won’t just be gorgeous; they’ll be spectacular!

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