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Modern Vintage San Francisco Wedding Photography

If you are someone who appreciates the craftsmanship and beauty of the Great Gatsby era, then you will find much to admire in this series of glamorous bridal portraits showcasing modern vintage wedding photography and designs in San Francisco. We chose to shoot in downtown San Francisco, an area rich in Old World architecture, for obvious reasons, and it was the perfect setting. I had the pleasure of working with an amazingly talented team, and we had a fabulously diverse group of models, which is only natural in San Francisco, one of the most eclectic metropolitan areas in the world.

Art Deco architecture highlights the rich textures of lace, silk and satin with hand-sewn modern vintage bridal gown designs from designer Christina Molcillo of Black Lotus Clothing. Every dress is a unique creation, each just as exquisite as the last. If I were a bride I’d have a really hard time deciding on just one. But then, they’re elegant enough to wear to any dressy affair so it wouldn’t be difficult to find reasons to own more than one. Crystals and beaded details grace the necklines of several of the gowns, while classic hairstyles and jewelry complete the look, bringing a fresh new twist on the elegance of the past.

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Hair and makeup designer Lacee Deniz recently won top awards on both Wedding Wire and The Knot, and it’s easy to see why. She puts a lot of thought into creating a finished look and making the models sparkle. Who wouldn’t want their skin to look that flawless on their wedding day!

Working with both of these talented women was an honor and it reminded me how important each person is when you’re putting looking to create something fabulous…like a wedding.
















































































































































Big hugs to our fabulous team! 

Wedding Dresses: Black Lotus Clothing, Christina Molcillo, founder & designer


Hair and makeup: Lacee Deniz





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DESIGN BY: Hannah Robinson