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Mill Valley Community Center Spring Wedding

This has been the rainiest year on record in Northern California, so Sophia and Josh were truly blessed with a gorgeous, sunny day for their Mill Valley Community Center spring wedding. All of the rain has had an incredible effect; the previously parched landscape is now alive with delicate cherry blossoms and lush green hillsides, the perfect backdrop for the couple’s portraits. The bride wore a cream-colored lace fishtail gown, and the groom went with an elegant yet understated navy tux…although when his jacket flew open his belt buckle flashed a bit of cowboy funk throughout the night. Sophia and Josh’s wedding was relaxed and lively, with a classic navy color scheme and a few key elements from Jewish tradition…including the hora! Josh is not a small man, so it was truly impressive to see his comrades hold him aloft in a chair and parade around the room. To their credit, they didn’t falter once.

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Chloe Lynn Demisch played a beautiful accompaniment on the piano for the precession and recession and local pop rock band Battlehooch got the crowd moving after dinner with classic rock favorites ranging from Van Morrison’s “Brown-Eyed Girl” to David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” The toasts were comic (from the best men) and emotional (Father of the groom). The bride was the center of attention as she danced with her uncle, a group of circled around them. The women were the reigning champions of the dance floor throughout the night.

The wedding cake was topped with a chocolate bride, groom, and cat in silhouette, and the cake was pronounced “delicious” after Sophia and Josh shared the first slice.

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