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Oakland Hills Backyard Wedding

Celena and Mats’ Oakland Hills backyard wedding was sweet, intimate, and an all-around family affair. The couple flew into the Bay Area to celebrate their union before beginning a new life in Sweden with their blended family, with a grand tally of eight gorgeous children (although only seven were able to attend the wedding). The wedding took place at a friend’s home in the Oakland Hills, deep in the heart of a sumptuous garden. The garden was very private, and there was a lovely array of flowering shrubs and plants in bloom. Guests gathered in groups to mingle before slipping into their seats for the ceremony. Celena and Mats opted to include a water ceremony, and guests were all invited forward to offer blessings as they poured water over the couples’ hands.

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Everyone pitched in to make the day special for Celena and Mats. Several friends spent a few days cooking up a delicious feast; another friend played the harp for the processional and recessional, others helped set up the seating area for the ceremony and the dinner that followed. The kids worked their tails off setting up the dining area; you could see the concentration on their faces as they checked everything several times, making sure every detail was in perfect order for their parents. The day ended with live entertainment by the kids and a champagne toast. There was a lot of warmth and laughter as guests took turns sharing stories from the past and wishes for the future.

Celena and Mats’ Oakland Hills backyard wedding was a spectacular day and they were blessed with sunshine and everyone’s best wishes for their next chapter in Sweden.

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