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Weddings and Chocolate: A Perfect Pair

Some say that eating chocolate sparks love chemicals in the brain, so it would follow that weddings and chocolate are a perfect pair. You can easily make chocolate a part of your day by opting to serve a velvety rich flourless chocolate cake or decadent cocktails served in chocolate-dipped wineglasses (just like Better Than Sex cafe in Key West (go there! if you haven’t already)),  but now there’s a new chocolate game in town that may just win the prize for Most Creative Use of Chocolate: chocolate ring boxes!

weddings and chocolate

Who came up with this ingenious chocolate idea?

I discovered these marvelous creations in this recent article for California Weddings. Check it out, because it has a lovely photo of the chocolate ring box. Created by Swiss-educated pastry chef Susanne Michel of Sweet Art Fine Swiss Confectioner these marvelous creations take her love for everything chocolate to the next level. The article tells us, “handcrafted to order and made entirely of Swiss chocolate, these velvety boxes can be created in any shape and personally designed, from monograms and chocolate roses to abstract designs or a love quote.” Pretty to look at and a definite conversation piece! As an added plus, they photograph well and make a great presentation for close-up shots of your rings. The article further states, “Keep the chocolate theme going by indulging in edible Swiss chocolate escort cards (which also pull double duty as party favors) or table numbers. The cards are available in dark, milk and white chocolate, and the personalization options are endless, from color to design.”

Other ways to pair weddings and chocolate

But the chocolate fun doesn’t have to stop there. Here are a few other ideas for how to incorporate more chocolate-y goodness into your day:

• Chicken with mole sauce. Sauce that is made with chocolate. Delicious, decadent, divine. Enough said.

Choc-o-vin chocolate-infused wine. Instead of a traditional guest book, you can keep a bottle for your next anniversary and have guests sign the label.

•Chocolate martinis. Made with chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao and half and half, these slide down nice and easy.

• Frozen hot chocolate popsicles. The perfect cool treat for a hot, summer wedding day.

• Towers of chocolate coated cake pops, or chocolate covered fruits and other goodies can make up your wedding cake this season. Why not be a little creative? Stack up those Oreos for a wedding cake on your special day!

• Personalized chocolate bar wedding favors. Wrap your favorite chocolate bars in labels like these printed with your names and the date.

Whichever ways you choose, it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to adding a dose of chocolate to your wedding day. Like you and your honey, weddings and chocolate are a pair that will never go out of style.

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