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Brunch Weddings, the New Trend

If you are one of those people who gets all misty-eyed whenever you hear the word “brunch” then you will love the concept of brunch weddings, the new rising trend amongst married couples. In a recent article for Brides magazine, Meredith Lepore writes that in Pinterest’s 2017 Wedding Report the term “brunch wedding” saw a 35% increase in searches in the past year by brides (or maybe people who just love the idea of a whole party devoted to brunch). The reasons couples go for this idea are plentiful; whether it’s a fond love of mimosas and chicken and waffles or the lighter price tag, everyone agrees it’s tasty, good fun.

Champagne Brunch in San Francisco

Brunch weddings mean more food options

Let’s talk food first (because everyone loves to talk about food almost as much as they love to eat it). Eggs Benedict. Stuffed French toast. Waffles with berries and whipped cream. Need I say more? Speaking of waffles, you needn’t serve them as an entree; some creative souls have fashioned them into wedding cakes! (Here are some waffle cake recipes from Pure Wow that you can try at home first). If you decide brunch weddings are the new trend that makes your heart flutter, suddenly the concept of what to serve is blown wide open. No longer are you beholden to rubbery chicken in mushroom sauce or (yawn) the ubiquitous mixed green salad. Instead, your options range the gamut from eggs to gravlax, scones to chilaquiles. And, if you are a dessert lover like my husband, a brunch wedding means you can consume multiple desserts in one meal with impunity.

Brunch weddings are less expensive

It’s no secret that daytime weddings tend to be less expensive. Why? As you may or may not already know, it’s all about supply and demand. Saturday evening is the most popular time to throw a wedding, therefore, the simple law of supply and demand drives prices up on the days that are more competitive. Conversely, venues are more likely to negotiate or offer a discount on days where they might otherwise sit empty. As an added bonus, the food at brunch weddings is less pricey, too.

Brunch weddings are easier to book

If you are looking at a popular venue for your reception, you may have a better chance finding an opening on a Sunday morning… so it would follow that a Sunday reception in the form of a champagne brunch would be an ideal plan. These tend to begin with a ceremony between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., followed by a reception that wraps up around 5 p.m.

Easier to book, easier on you (and your budget), easier on your guests. It’s pretty easy to see why brunch weddings are the new trend. If you are planning a wedding, consider putting this idea on your list of options. And hey, while you’re at it, pass the doughnuts.

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