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Catholic Wedding, Oakland, Ca: John and Suzanne

John and Suzanne’s Catholic Wedding in Oakland, Ca was classic, elegant, and full of affection. Although their wedding was traditional, the couple is anything but. Both are extremely creative; John is a floral and plant master who enjoys making perfume and delicious elixirs from scratch, while Suzanne is a multi-talented crafter and jewelry-maker-she made both the guestbook and John’s wedding ring. The two must also be great people-this couple is so well-loved that their friends hired me to photograph the day as a surprise gift!

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The ceremony was held at St. Patrick’s Church in Oakland. From the rich wood furnishings to the colorful stained glass windows running along both walls, this church was a brilliant example of old world craftsmanship and period detail, the perfect place for a Catholic Wedding in Oakland. Father George Quickley officiated and offered timeless advice (and–in jest– a last chance exit opportunity for the groom) before guiding everyone to clasp hands as they extended blessings to the couple. The love flowing through the chain of clasped hands that spanned back and forth across the church was palpable; it was a heartfelt moment.

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After a few moments together outside the church, bride and groom went home to change before heading out to China Village, the reception venue. It was a casual reception (the bride changed into a sundress and flats) but the food was absolutely stellar. China Village specializes in Szechuan cuisine  made from highest quality local and sustainable ingredients they purchase from local Bay Area markets and purveyors. As the night wore on, the dishes kept coming, each one more enticing than the last. One of the highlights was a seafood dish that was served in a flaming pineapple, which greatly impressed the guests (and may have alarmed more than one).

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When dinner was over, John and Suzanne doled out a decadent flavored liqueur, a hand-produced brew that John had been curing for two years in preparation for the wedding day. I’m told it was delicious.

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The evening came to  a close with speeches by the best man and the father of the groom, who had everyone laughing, then brought his wife to tears when he recounted how she had homeschooled John and her other children, and told everyone what amazing people she had raised.

To John and Suzanne. A perfect Catholic wedding in Oakland behind them, and a lifetime of creative endeavors ahead of them!

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