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How to Quickly Create Wedding Seating Charts

You’ve made all of the big decisions that go into planning a wedding (the venue, the photographer, the band) but now that you’re confronted with planning the wedding seating chart, you’re really starting to sweat; you’re probably asking yourself how to quickly create wedding seating charts. Whether you’re an Excel spreadsheet genius, or someone who prefers the tactile pleasures of moving around small slips of paper, you know you’re looking at hours of hair-pulling work before it’s all done.

Quickly Create Wedding Seating Charts

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As with pretty much everything in life these days, there are a number of online resources available to help you quickly create wedding seating charts and make the process a snap. The folks at Jefferson Street Mansion swear by them, because you can “create the perfect layout of your wedding reception, decide where your sweetheart table or head table is in relation to your guests, which guests should be seated closest to you, and what you picture in your mind when you make the grand entrance!”

If you’re ready to fast track the art of the chart and make your life simple and stress-free, take a look at these digital wedding seating charts:

WeddingWire Seating Charts. Guests are pre-populated based on your guest list; simply drag and drop from there. Import your guest list, build your floor plan in minutes, with 3D viewing. You can also plot out other wedding events, including your rehearsal dinner or day-after brunch.

Wedding Mapper. The Guest manager lets you enter your room dimensions and lay out the entire floor plan–bar, dance floor, food stations, etc– to your exact specifications.

So go ahead, name those guest tables, seat your coworkers in a big, happy clump, run reports and make changes as the RSVPs continue to trickle in. When the big day arrives, simply print your floor plan and you’re ready to go. You’ve mastered the art of how to quickly create wedding seating charts!

No stress. No problem. Now, go forth and create!

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