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How to Get Memorable Wedding Photos

Everyone wants to have memorable wedding photographs AND a memorable wedding; the good news is it’s not as hard as you think. Many couples feel the pressure to put together the perfect day, with color-coordinated attire, linens, cocktails, and socks, but the truth is that none of these things really matter. What does matter is personal touches, and the intangible things, like your own happiness and warmth when you greet your guests. Read on to find out how to make your wedding day shine…you’ll have your guests talking long after your day is over, and you’ll have wonderful, memorable wedding photos so you can relive the magic.

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Remember that YOU are the destination.

Your guests aren’t there to admire the groovy uplighting, the multi-tiered centerpieces or the napkin rings you agonized over while you were planning. They’re there to celebrate the union of two gorgeous people (all the more gorgeous on the wedding day) whom they dearly love. They’ll remember your warmth and happiness long after they’ve forgotten what they ate or which song you chose for your first dance.

Memorable wedding photos reflect the things that are uniquely you.

This goes from decor to dinner, and ceremony to send-off. When you choose things that have meaning to you, the day becomes more personal. and, by definition, unique. When you choose things you truly love you imbue your event with its own special magic, which means you’ll have tons of amazing wedding photos from your lovely and memorable wedding day! If you love bicycles, for example, find a way to mix that theme into your day. Use them on your invitations and as decor; display things in the bike basket or saddle bags, ride off together at the end of the night (if that isn’t a recipe for fun, memorable wedding photos I don’t know what is). And hey, if your color palette and signature cocktail aren’t aligned with today’s top trends, rejoice! No one else will have a wedding like yours.

Personalize your ceremony.

Include a section that allows you to share your love story; let your guests know what brought you together, what is special for you about each other, what makes you click as partners. While traditional vows have a certain vintage charm, it’s so much easier to say things when you say them your way. Write your own vows or work with your officiant to write them. Your “I dos” are all the more powerful when they come from the heart.

Keep toasts short and sweet.

Pretty please. Guests will start nodding off if they have to listen to forty minutes of speeches! Great toasts are all about quality, not quantity. Ask anyone who is speaking to limit their toast to two minutes.

Don’t wait to cut the cake.

Plan for all of the main events of your wedding reception ( blessing, toasts, first dance, cake cutting) to happen during the first hour and a half of your reception so you can get the best wedding reception photos. If you wait too long to open the dance floor and get the party started, you might be looking at an empty dance floor. Guests begin to depart once the meal is over, and you don’t want them to miss the fun. Even worse, you won’t have any memorable wedding photos from this part of the night! Keep things rolling, keep the energy high, and you’ll have them sashaying the night away.

Add a surprise spark to your first dance. 

All eyes will be on you during your first dance, so plan something special to surprise your guests. Try starting with a slower song, then add in a dance to spicier music, like Latin or funk. Extra points if you choreograph a fun routine! I guarantee you’ll get some great first dance photos as well! When your guests see you out there having fun on the dance floor, it gives them permission to get up and get down, too.

Music that makes people want to dance.

Find a band or DJ who gets you and plays music everyone can dance to. Even if you happen to adore the polka, everyone else may not feel the same way. Make sure to mix in plenty of past and present hits with any of the more obscure musical tastes the two of you may have. You’ll pack the dance floor, which always makes for great wedding photos.

Next time you’re in wedding planning mode, add these key details to your list. They won’t put a dent in your budget, but they will make your wedding day a day to remember!





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