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The Coolest Wedding Photo Booth Ever: The Booth Bus

One fine day, while stuck in the middle of SF Bay Area traffic, I saw an awesome sight: The Booth Bus, a vintage Volkswagen (this one’s a 1970 model) that ┬ánow enjoys a new life as the coolest wedding photo booth. Now everyone knows that vintage VWs are the coolest vans ever, so it only goes to follow that the Booth Bus is the coolest wedding photo booth ever. Gorgeous, shiny, cream-colored exterior, rich leather interior, and you should see it when it’s decked out for a wedding. Anthony, founder and owner of The Booth Bus, dials everything in, lights, flowers, vintage signs, and a designer keepsake album to hold all of the fun photos.

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The Coolest Wedding Photo Booth

“We got the idea for The Booth Bus when we had to come up with something to contribute for a fundraiser,” says Anthony (pictured above). “We had so much fun doing it and it was such a success that we decided to take the idea on the road.” These days they do take it on the road quite a bit (but the bus travels on a trailer) for weddings and other private events. “A lot of people shy away from traditional photo booths, but that’s not the case with The Booth Bus. People feel a lot more comfortable jumping in the bus, even the old-timers. People really love it.”

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The Coolest Wedding Photo Booth 2

My assistant and I had a few minutes of down time, so we gave The Booth Bus a spin. If you’ve ever ridden in a VW van, then you already know they are roomy and comfortable in back. Once we were seated, Anthony drew a fabric curtain across the open door, which gave a nice feeling pf privacy…and the freedom to be silly with abandon. As the display showed us how many seconds we had between shots, we grabbed different props and perfected ridiculous poses. This was “busography” at its finest.

We laughed a lot. After trying out The Booth Bus, I can see why couples opt to include a wedding photo booth. The Booth Bus is classic good fun and we’ve got the photos to prove it.


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