Rancho Nicasio Summer Wedding: Lizzy + Sean - Grier Cooper Photography

Rancho Nicasio Summer Wedding: Lizzy + Sean

Lizzy and Sean’s Rancho Nicasio summer wedding was everything it should be: sweet, sunny, and surrounded by the golden Northern California hills. Guests traveled from all over the world–Venice, Ireland, and Australia, to name a few places– to attend. The venue is nestled in the sleepy haven of Nicasio, California, a tiny town “25 minutes from everywhere” (according to the Rancho Nicasio website) that remains unspoiled by time. The bride wore a gorgeous modern vintage wedding dress of ivory lace, topped with a flower crown from Stems Marin, completing her vintage boho wedding look, a perfect fit for a Rancho Nicasio summer wedding. The groom was very dapper in a classic navy suit, offset by a splash of color from his pink tie.

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Lizzy grew up in the US, and Sean grew up in Ireland, and they both share a love of travel. One look at their world map showed the many exploits the’ve shared since they met. During their wedding ceremony in a small redwood grove, guests learned that the two love travel even more today, since it’s what brought them together. Both had relocated to Melbourne, Australia, and one night fate intervened: Lizzy locked herself out of her apartment one night and Sean (who was her next door neighbor) scaled the balcony to her apartment and helped Lizzy get back inside. The couple has discovered the perfect recipe to balance the introvert (him) and extrovert (her), helped by the tools they learned in an introvert/extrovert couples’ workshop they attended in the past. One thing is for sure: the love and respect they have for each other is palpable.

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Lizzy’s nieces were flower girls for their aunt’s Rancho Nicasio summer wedding, a job they took very seriously (as an aside, they were amazing flower girls! Graceful, and methodical in their approach). The couple’s young son, Finn, was also a part of the ceremony. He is known to be a frequent waver; apparently it’s contagious because everyone waved back.

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During the reception, guests were treated to cocktails at the coolest rustic bar ever (see pic below). There was also a well-laden dessert bar for after dinner treats. The Booth Bus, a wedding photo booth housed in a pristine vintage VW van, was one of the highlights. Then again, what other kind of photo booth would you have at a Rancho Nicasio summer wedding?

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The day was a San Francisco wedding photographer’s dream come true: beautiful light, a group of lovely, loving people, and a magical setting set smack dab in the middle of a land where time stands still. A modern vintage wedding, a Rancho Nicasio summer wedding, truly a day to remember.

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Lizzy and Sean, wishing you happiness and golden trails always!





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