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Lovely Bride San Francisco: Featuring Alexandra Grecco Wedding Gowns

This weekend, Lovely Bride on Union Street in San Francisco is having a trunk show featuring wedding gown designs by Alexandra Grecco. If you’re familiar with the designer, you already know her gowns are elegant, romantic, and ethereal. “Her designs are feminine and timeless,” says Lovely Bride owner Angie Chen. She’s right; Grecco’s gowns are a vintage-loving bride’s dream come true.

Lovely Bride San Francisco

Alexandra Grecco 16

Alexandra Grecco 3

Lovely Bride is the perfect spot to try a few of these gorgeous gowns on for size. From the moment you enter, the feeling is warm and luxurious. Crystal chandeliers highlight the gowns, and a there’s a comfy seating area with plenty of great reading, full of wedding inspo.

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Lovely Bride San Francisco 16

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Many of Grecco’s designs echo vintage elements from  past eras and remind me some of the lovely costumes I wore when I was a professional ballet dancer. There were so many textures to love: light, airy tulle, sumptuous satin, delicate Lace, and beaded details. 

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Lovely Bride San Francisco 2

Elegant SF wedding photography

Alexandra Grecco 17

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Alexandra Grecco 20

Lovely Bride San Francisco

Lovely Bride Sf owner Angie Chen

This blush colored, butterfly-laden gown was the first to catch my eye. Elegant yet whimsical, I loved the alternative color choice. It would be perfect for a garden wedding.

Lovely Bride San Francisco 8

Lovely Bride San Francisco 7

The back detail on this gown ensures the bride wearing it will make a stunning exit. The lace-covered buttons and dramatic curves accentuate the body’s natural lines.

Alexandra Grecco 8

Alexandra Grecco 11


It’s hard to decide if the back or the front of this gown are more beautiful. Both offer plenty of lovely beadwork. The front has a lovely curve to the bodice, and the sheer back is edgy elegance all the way. Stunning!

Alexandra Grecco 6

Alexandra Grecco 10

Alexandra Grecco 7

I loved the sleeves on this one, with the sweet sequined beaded flowers.

Alexandra Grecco 14

Alexandra Grecco 13

Another fun idea: a gossamer sparkled cape. Light and flowy, it’s an added layer of warmth and a bit of bling.

Alexandra Grecco 12

Lovely Bride’s dressing area is definitely the kind of place where it’s easy to feel like royalty when you’re trying on gowns: well-appointed with lovely furnishings and a huge Gothic mirror. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a pedestal front and center. They also have veils and other accessories to try on while you’re at it. It’s well worth looking around the entire store… Make sure to bring friends so they can help you find the dress!

Lovely Bride San Francisco

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Lovely Bride San Francsico

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Lovely Bride San Francisco 14

Lovely Bride San Francisco 4

After visiting Lovely Bride and drooling over Alexandra Grecco’s wedding dresses I almost wish I could get married again. I might think about something for our next big anniversary (10 years). I absolutely adored Lovely Bride and Grecco’s designs, so I’ll have to think of an excuse to go back.

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