Interview With San Francisco Makeup Artist Desiree Niegsch of D + A Bridal - Grier Cooper Photography

Interview With San Francisco Makeup Artist Desiree Niegsch of D + A Bridal

From the moment I met San Francisco makeup artist Desiree Niegsch of D+A Bridal, she was professional, warm, and really good at what she does, a trifecta of things that make her a dream to work with.  She gives her brides and bridal parties a fresh, glowing look, elegant and polished, without being overdone. If you are a bride who wants to look and feel good on your wedding day (and have fabulous photos), Desiree Niegsch can help. Here she shares her approach to a wedding day and some tips to get your skin looking its best.
Photo of bride outside in garden | Photo by Grier Cooper Photography, Richmond, CA
Photo of Bride's silver makeup by makeup artist Desiree Niegsch | Photo by Grier Cooper Photography, Richmond, CA
Photo of couple kissing at SF City Hall Wedding 4 | Photo by Grier Cooper Photography, Richmond, CA
1. What’s your favorite part about being a makeup artist?
I love enhancing women’s natural beauty, and using makeup as a tool to give women more confidence! Beauty is power.

Skincare Tips for Your Wedding Day

2. You have beautiful skin! Can you share a few tips on how to make your skin look amazing?
So many tips! Exfoliating as needed- I exfoliate with an Ole Henrikson scrub about 3 times a week, but I also switch this product a lot. I love trying out new skincare. Having a face scrub that actually is a scrub is key- not just regular face wash on a clarisonic! I also use a toner every day from Mario Badescu. And most importantly, hydration. I’ve been loving the Magic Cream from Charlotte Tilbury lately. After skincare, honestly it’s all about having a good foundation and blush! Right now, I love the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation and the Nars Orgasm blush.
3. How did you become a makeup artist?
I was actually working for a shoe company in New York City. I wasn’t so happy and was counting pennies, and one day one of my best friends from San Francisco said “Why don’t you work at Benefit? You’ve always been so good at makeup!” She was an assistant manager at a boutique in SF, and she put in a good word for me. Next thing I knew, I was working at the Benefit Boutique in Soho, later to move back to SF, and it was in 2016 that I decided to go freelance.
Photo of chic bride with red lips by makeup artist Desiree Niegsch | Photo by Grier Cooper Photography, Richmond, CA
Photo of laughing chic bride with red lips | Photo by Grier Cooper Photography, Richmond, CA
4. What kind of makeup looks best in photos?
That’s a good question! Honestly, I have multiple favorites that photograph well. For weddings, I would say the Temptu Airbrush makeup just works wonders. If a client doesn’t want airbrush, I use Nars! And always setting powder (there’s so many good ones out there, I’m not too picky. Right now in my kit I use the Tarte loose setting powder).
For brides, I highly recommend false lashes- this makes a huge different in photos!
5. You’ve worked lots of weddings. Can you tell us about a favorite wedding day?
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many incredible brides, with fun, caring friends and family!
This might be biased, but my favorite so far has been one of my good friends’ Erin. She hired me to do her makeup, her mom, mother in-law, sisters, and best friend/event planner. The day started off with Erin presenting gifts to her sisters and mom- she took her parents old wedding rings after her dad passed and melted the ring down to make two matching rings for her sisters, and made a necklace for her mom out of her mom’s wedding ring setting. It was such a touching, powerful moment- we were all in tears. Thankfully, before all the makeup was done! But then the whole day was just incredible, and beautiful. The wedding took place in Tiburon, and we got everyone ready in a super old house. She got married at Old St. Hilary’s church, as the Blue Angels were flying overhead. Pure magic.

What It’s Like to Work With Desiree

Photo of San Francisco Makeup Artist Desiree Niegsch applying makeup | Photo by Grier Cooper Photography, Richmond, CA

San Francisco Makeup Artist Desiree Niegsch at Work

6. How do you work with clients? What’s a typical timeline?
I typically give an average of 45 minutes per person, and an hour minimum for the bride. This sometimes changes based on the needs of bride and bridal party. I’ve done makeup for just the bride, and then I’ve done weddings as big as 10 people total. Timing is all about how many people- and also mirroring the same timeline as the hairstylist! The bride and I usually correspond and come up with a start time, or the wedding planner decides and we go from there.
7. Describe your favorite wedding look in three words.
Glowy, timeless, fresh
8. What do your clients like most about working with you?
I’d have to say my calm demeanor. I don’t stress out- and weddings can be stressful!
9. Anything else to share?
I recently started a bridal beauty business with April Hall- a talented hair stylist. We work as a team and offer both makeup and hair– Check us out at!
I also offer private makeup lessons, and makeup for special occasions. My personal website is!
If you are interested in learning more about Desiree Niegsch, check out her website. You can also follow Desiree and D+A Bridal on Instagram.



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