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Why You Need Engagement Photos

As a San Francisco wedding photographer, I often have a conversation with couples about why you need engagement photos. There’s a common scenario when it comes up: one person wants them; the other doesn’t. However, there are several reasons why I not only recommend engagement photos but include them in every one of my wedding photography packages, so I thought I’d share the reasons why you need engagement photos. If your partner is part of the engagement session naysayers, this is for you!

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Engagement photos are useful.

Lots of couples use their favorite images for save-the-date cards and wedding-day guestbooks. You can also display one of your engagement photo at your wedding and have guests sign the white mat board instead of a guestbook. It’s a fun alternative and a great keepsake.  You can also give framed prints as gifts; parents and grandparents love them!

Engagement sessions give you a chance to get comfortable working with your wedding photographer. 

We all feel comfortable with the people we know, and one of the best ways to get to know someone is by spending time with them. I think of engagement sessions as an opportunity to get to know my couples better so I can create wedding photography that is uniquely tailored to them, and I implement a variety of poses and techniques so I see what works best for them before the wedding day.

Engagement sessions are the perfect time to do a hair and makeup trial run.

Wedding day hair and makeup aren’t something you’ll want to walk into cold, trust me. I’ve seen brides in tears on their wedding day because their hairstyle wasn’t working, or they weren’t happy with the way their makeup looked. This is stuff you want to nail down beforehand so you don’t need to stress about it the day of.

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Engagement sessions are fun. And meaningful.

My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is the chance to get to know the couples I work with. Engagement sessions are relaxed, with none of the chaos and pressure that can come with a wedding day. I have couples choose a location that is special to them–often either a favorite hangout or a place they had a romantic date–which makes the photographs more meaningful. And of course we have fun because I only have one rule: relax, have fun, and let me do all the work of making the magic happen!

Even if your partner may initially be reluctant to do an engagement session, here’s the best way to sell them on the idea: it’s a chance for the two of you to get time together and enjoy a beautiful place…a welcome break in the midst of the wedding planning hustle and bustle. One more (often overlooked) reason why you need engagement photos!

If you or your partner are on the fence about why you need engagement photos, I hope this article has been useful. Your engagement photos are waiting for you!

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