How to Rock Your Wedding First Dance | 5 Tips and Tricks

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll want to know how to rock your wedding first dance. Most wedding couples don’t have much experience out on the dance floor or know how to prepare, but your wedding first dance sets the tone of your party, so it’s super important. Your guests will follow your lead, so let them see you out there having a great time. We’ve prepared a few simple tips to help you get your moves polished up before your wedding day so you can start your party right!
wedding first dance

Choose your wedding dance music wisely.

Choose a song that speaks to both of you and gets the party started. If your song has a slow beat, consider putting together a medley of songs including some that are more up-tempo.

Keep your wedding dance choreography streamlined.

First work on hearing the beat, then add simple footwork. After that you can add in a couple of basic turns and/or flashy moves.

Consider working with a wedding dance instructor.

Lots of couples struggle with preparing for the first dance, since they don’t have much experience together on the dance floor. A couple of lessons with a professional can make a huge difference in your confidence and performance. A wedding dance instructor can also help you put together a simple routine so you really shine.

Practice your wedding dance moves.

It’s important to set aside some time to fine-tune your wedding first dance. Many couples discover how much fun it is to dance together, and it becomes a lifelong habit. Have patience with yourself and your partner, and keep at it till everything flows smoothly.

Have fun!

Dancing together is really enjoyable, especially when you’re prepared. Remember, all eyes are on you when you’re up there, and when your guests see you guys having a great time, everyone will want to hop and join you out there on the dance floor.

Gearing up for your wedding first dance is fun and easy if you follow these few simple steps. Taking the time to prepare means you’ll get great wedding first dance photos AND be the life of your party. Shine on!

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Aug 1, 2018

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