Legion of Honor Engagement Photos | Beckie + Youssef

It’s always a thrill to shoot Legion of Honor engagement photos because it always feels like taking a quick trip to old world Europe. There’s a lovely mix of vintage architecture, rolling green lawns, and gorgeous views here, all of which make it a perfect place to shoot a San Francisco engagement session. The Legion of Honor held special meaning for Beckie+Youssef  since it was the place where Youssef proposed, and they were fabulously fun to work with! Not only were they color-coordinated, this couple came prepared with plenty of props to play with, which added a lively and personalized element to their shoot.

The Legion of Honor has been one of my favorite San Francisco engagement photo locations for a long time. It was also the perfect place for two self-professed Harry Potter nerds to duel with wands. Beckie’s wand was the same one Hermione uses, while Youssef’s wand was one of a collection of 13 special wands chosen by the user’s personal characteristics. Huffelpuff battled Gryffindor, which ended in a draw… or was it a kiss? If you are one of the .1% of people who don’t know your house or have no idea what I am talking about, you can take a test and find out where you belong here.

Of course no Legion of Honor engagement session is complete without a favorite issue of Black Panther, and a quick game on the Nintendo Switch. Even better when you can share these interests with your partner. Other fun props included the Venetian carnival masks (a personal favorite and a perfect complement to the couples’ outfits). They gave their engagement photos a sensuous quality and tied in the Old-World European theme quite nicely.

The couple’s Legion of Honor engagement session ended with an impromptu picnic over looking the Golden Gate bridge.

It was such a pleasure to work with such a lovely and fun loving couple. Beckie + Youssef, wishing you an amazing future together!

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Aug 1, 2018

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