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Matt and Laurel’s UC Berkeley Faculty Club Wedding | Family + Fall Color

Even though Matt and Laurel’s UC Berkeley Faculty Club wedding happened on the second day of fall, the world was already ablaze with the golden hues of autumn. This lovely Berkeley wedding venue is located in a quiet wooded glade just steps from busy campus life, but it’s not a place many people know about. Intimate and cozy, this turn-of-the century (1902) Craftsman was originally designed by famous Berkeley architect, Bernard Maybeck (it was initially designed as a one-room club house)… it’s easy to picture a group of intellectuals gathered round the fire sharing stories and fine whisky here.

UC berkeley faculty club wedding

Fun fact about Matt and Laurel: they should have met when they were both studying at UC Santa Cruz–but Matt was the type of student who sat in the back and Laurel was the type of student who sat in the front. Therefore, it wasn’t until after college that the two crossed paths at a mutual friend’s party. During the conversations they had that evening, and those that  followed, they soon realized that they clicked. Well, let’s rephrase that. They agreed on so many things, but there were also some differences that both say make their relationship stronger, and help them to balance each other.

Matt and Laurel’s UC Berkeley faculty club wedding was simple and chic, hearty and intimate. Laurel’s sister, Alana, flew in from New York City to be her maid of honor; Alana also played cello accompaniment for the ceremony. Matthew’s brother, Jeremy, 14 years his senior, was his best man. Could the ring bearers and flower girls have been any cuter? I think not.

The ceremony occurred in the grove just outside of the UC Berkeley faculty building, in the shadow of the iconic Campenile. Melodious chimes rang throughout the day, and hints of fall added splashes of color to the festivities. Guests enjoyed cocktail hour out on the deck before entering the dining hall for the reception. The stained glass and cathedral ceilings were a elegant touch; fairy lights strung overhead added a magic sparkle.

Matt and Laurel’s families told childhood stories that kept guests laughing. Laurel’s sister, Alana, admitted during her speech that she and Matt had never hugged, so they promptly put the issue to rest.

The evening ended with cake (which the couple turned into a bit of a food fight) and dancing, and Laurel got the chance to dance at her wedding with her first violin teacher, a special moment she had been dreaming about for a long time.

Matt and Laurel, wishing you happiness together always!

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Wedding Venue: UC Berkeley Faculty Club// Officiant: James Baker// DJ: Love in the Mix// Wedding Cake: Angel Cakes// Bride’s Gown: David’s Bridal// Floral Design: Flora Arte// Photo Booth: Clementine Photo Booths






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