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A Beautiful and Emotional First Look: The Power of the First Look

Wow! This was one of the most beautiful and emotional first looks I’ve ever had the privilege of capturing! As an East Bay wedding photographer, I’m often asked about first looks. Some couples are worried they might not have the rush of emotions if they do a first look, but I’ve found that’s absolutely not the case.

Nate was blown away when he saw his beautiful bride-to-be, and Colleen had tears in her eyes. The couple kissed, hugged, laughed, cried, and murmured sweet complements to each other. They were so sweet and tender together I started tearing up!
Moments like these are why I recommend first looks to my couples. It’s often the only time you’ll get private time together on your wedding day, and you are free to talk, laugh, or cry…which you can’t really do when you’re walking down the aisle.
Their first look photos have all of the romance of classic movies like Gone With The Wind. This couple had style! They both put so much thought into their wedding attire… Nate had a bit of old-school flair with his amethyst-toned bowtie and engraved vintage-style pocket watch, and Colleen was resplendent in a strapless ruffled gown with beaded detail.
We think these photos are a great example of why first looks are so important!

contemporary san francisco wedding photographer 2

oakland wedding photographer 3

lake temescal beach house wedding 3

A beautiful and emotional first look

east bay wedding photographer

oakland wedding photographer 4

contemporary san francisco wedding photographers 3

contemporary san francisco wedding photographer 3

lake temescal wedding 3

contemporary sf wedding photographer 3

contemporary san francisco wedding photographer 4

lake temescal beach house wedding 4

lake temescal wedding 4

oakland wedding photographer 12

oakland wedding photographer 13

lake temescal beach house wedding 5

oakland wedding photographer 4

Nate and Colleen’s first look was even more amazing because it almost didn’t happen! Things ran a bit behind that day (as they sometimes do) and the couple thought about skipping it since they were running out of time. But, as I’ve often found, things don’t always go according to plan on a wedding day, but they are always perfect! As luck would have it, many of their guests had traveled from out of town to attend their wedding, and many of them were also running late. We were able to squeeze their first look in after all, and I’m so glad we did!

First looks are priceless moments. Every time. Every couple deserves a┬ábeautiful and emotional first look. It’s such an honor to witness and capture your beauty.

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